Dog Dreams is a game like Club Penguin, but instead, you can be a breed of dog. Spend TreeTs(The currency) and adopt a little pet for your pup! With real 3D and animation!
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lollydove - Tech Luva
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Founder of the Pack
lollydove - Tech Luva

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PostSubject: :O EVERYONE!!! PLEASE READ! VERY, VERY URGENT!   Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:37 am

Hi everyone.
We really need to get a move on with this game. We are being total slowpokes. No offense to all of us. I'm emailing everyone and saying that we need to get this forum active. The graphics I've taken care of are in the artwork thread. I know I being a slowpoke with the artwork, but slow and steady wins the race, after all. (Meaning, if our graphics, programming, etc. get better while we're being slowpokes, the game can be better.) Our forum logo is going to be the official Dog Dreams logo! Hooray! Speaking of which, I'm putting together a few other logos for things like Xmas, Easter, etc.

Also, other graphic designers to design sprites? I think we should at least start off with a Shiba Inu and a Golden/Labrador/Flat-coated Retriever. Smile

So.. Yeah.



Founder of Dog Dreams.
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