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Dog Dreams is a game like Club Penguin, but instead, you can be a breed of dog. Spend TreeTs(The currency) and adopt a little pet for your pup! With real 3D and animation!
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 Sticky: //RULES\\

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Sticky: //RULES\\ Empty
PostSubject: Sticky: //RULES\   Sticky: //RULES\\ I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2007 4:11 am

Alright, these are the rules.
- You MAY say 'stupid' but not like this: "You're stupid you know, Anonymus," but you MAY say it like this: "Stupid DS. Keeps freezing every five minutes."
- The post can be ANY amount of words.
- Please do not spam up the forum by doing an array of smileys and no words on one post unless we understand the stuff like Smiley Hiaeroglyphs.
- Do not spam up the forum.
- No swearing or sexual content.
- Do not post misunderstandable posts by putting babble just to raise your post count.
- No harrasing anyone, and no flame wars.
Disobeying ANY rules will result in a ban. But if there is a problem, don't worry about PMing on of the staff. We might understand and explain to everyone. Please follow the rules.
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Sticky: //RULES\\
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